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Terms of Use:

Welcome to www.indianmilan.com , your personal matchmaking platform. This Agreement sets out the legally binding terms for your use of the Site and membership. This Agreement may be modified by indianmilan.com from time to time. The membership and rights of admissions are reserved.


To register as a Member of www.indianmilan.com or use this Site, you must be legally competent and of legal marriageable age as per the laws of India (currently, 18 years or over f or females and 21 years or over for males).

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You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials you desi gnate during the registration process, and you are solely responsible for all activities that occur unde r your account. You agree to immediately notify us of any disclosure or unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security, and ensure that you log out from your account at the end of each session.

Term and Termination:

This Agreement will be effective, valid and subsisting as long as you use our Site. You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason by writing to www.indianmilan.com .In the event you terminate your membership, you will not be entitled to a refund of any unutilized subscription fees, if any, paid by you, except where otherwise guaranteed in writing www.indianmilan.com. may terminate your access to the Site and/or your membership for any reason including but not limited to breach of the terms of use, using the service for commercial purpose, engaging in prohibited or inappropriate communication or activity, by sending notice to you at the email address as provided by you in your application for membership or such other email address as you may later provide to www.indianmilan.com . If indianmilan.com terminates your membership for breach of terms of this Agreement, you will not be entitled to any refund of any Subscription fees, if any, paid by you.

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